Acting hydraulic machine hydraulic valves and connections

As one of the important components of hydraulic machines, hydraulic valve is a hydraulically operated oil automation components, it is regulated by the pressure control valve of the hydraulic oil is completed. In the packing process in a hydraulic press, hydraulic valves and pressure control solenoid valve is used in combination, it played a very key role. It is in what way the hydraulic valve is connected to the designated location it?

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Connecting hydraulic machine hydraulic valve, either flange can be threaded through the flange is the former screw holes with the pipe ends of the valve body, bolted together for more than 32mm diameter high flow hydraulic system; which sucked the tubular valve ports threaded fittings and pipe connections, and thus fixed in the pipeline.

So, you can also connect by way of the plate, each port of the valve is arranged on the same mounting surface, and leave the connection screw holes. The greatest advantage of this approach is to facilitate the replacement element does not affect the pipeline.

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