hydraulic press machine manufacturers use a hydraulic motor and gear pump requirements.

① hydraulic gear motors used by the manufacturer in order to adapt the structure of the positive reversal requirements, equal access to the oil port, symmetry. In order to reduce torque ripple, gear teeth hydraulic motor to pump more than the number of teeth. Gear motor into the oil return passage arranged symmetrically, the same aperture, so that the motor positive and reverse when the same performance.

② hydraulic motor with gear manufacturers leakage hole. There are separate leakage oil port, the hydraulic machine of oil-bearing portion of the leak leads to housing.

③ To meet the hydraulic machine gear motor is, reverse the work requirements, floating side, unloading tank, etc. must be arranged symmetrically.

④ hydraulic machine to reduce the start friction torque, reducing the friction loss, the use of rolling bearings, to improve their startup performance.

⑤ hydraulic press machine manufacturers in order to reduce torque ripple, the number of teeth than the gear motor more than the number of teeth of the gear pump.

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