Acting hydraulic machine solenoid valve

On the hydraulic equipment,hydraulic press machine manufacturers  today will introduce itsWorking speed hydraulic machine, why not fast?

The operating speed of the hydraulic machine, i.e. its speed, primarily determined by the flow of work, that is, the power of the hydraulic pump, is the product of working pressure and flow proportional. Therefore, when the hydraulic return, equipment load is relatively small, the working pressure is relatively low, so in this case to ensure that the output power of the hydraulic pump under the condition can increase traffic and thus to increase the operating speed of the hydraulic machine. However, the general rule is: flow speed; low flow, the speed is slow.

 hydraulic machine solenoid valve, its role is mainly what?

Hydraulic solenoid valves, wherein the chamber is closed, the intermediate chamber is a valve, both sides of the electromagnet. When the magnet coil is energized, the valve body will be attracted, thereby to block leakage or different drain hole, so as to realize the hole opening and closing, so that you can be on the direction of mechanical motion control.