Hydraulic machine features and uses

Features: preset pressure, independent mobile pumping stations, backhaul pilot unloading.
Main functions: press-fit correction variant of the workpiece, the pressure cylinder disassembly tapered bearings, press fit tight fit of various parts.

Use Description:

In engineering practice, a lot of instability in the presence of asymmetrical cyclic loading at each stress cycles, the mean stress and stress amplitude is constantly changing. Therefore, to design parts under fatigue unstable asymmetrical cyclic loading, you must first determine the part in a variety of conditions typical load spectrum analysis as a basis for calculation.

However, the actual working conditions for various uses hydraulic machine is heterogeneous, with some regularity process conditions are relatively strong, while others are disorganized, the situation is changing. Therefore, you need to select some typical operating conditions, the actual load measured on the basis of statistical analysis, the results according to some regularity together, with the frequency of a variety of conditions occur, you can get load spectrum.

Hydraulic machine load spectrum should be typical, systematic, focused and generality. In typical fatigue design of hydraulic machine parts, and the parts should be as dangerous section of stress developed forging load spectrum was measured in these types of typical forging forging, the dangerous parts of the cylinder stress, and according to their production of forging Programme to determine its frequency of occurrence. This load spectrum is relatively simple, regularity. However, if the determination of free forging hydraulic press uprights load spectrum is very complex. Free forging hydraulic press forging forging many types have shaft, disk, ring type, plate type and a block type and other shapes of various sizes of different forgings for forging ingot weighs sizes, and in a forgings forging process, there may have chamfered, cut riser, stretching, upsetting, punching, reaming, finishing and cutting materials and other processes. Each of the various steps in the forging of the stress caused by dangerous section uprights are not the same, a lot of randomness, therefore, the measured data, the need for more statistical analysis and summarizing work order can be used to draw design and calculation design load spectrum.

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