Characteristics and application of roofing sheet

Whether we use any product, you have to first understand its features and performance to scientific and rational use. The following is mainly about the characteristics of the roof and the scope of application:
Mainly used for roof modern factories, chemical plants, sewage treatment plants, electroplating factories, power plants, plant breeding, markets, warehouses and other large industrial buildings and plant new roof and wall renovation project.
1, weatherability, corrosion Excellence - proven, product applications in a variety of climatic conditions, have shown good resistance to weathering, acid, alkali, salt and chemical corrosion environments exhibit good corrosion resistance 2, waterproof outstanding performance - Free waterproof layer 3, wind, earthquake --90 degrees building facade decoration safe and reliable in the 15-90 degree slope roof buildings can withstand strong winds 12 4, good fire performance - material resistant to combustion level for the B1 level, is a flame retardant material 5, silencers, good insulation properties - porous foam core has good thermal insulation properties and a silencer 6, large area, light weight - lightweight materials to reduce construction load 7, colorful, durable and stable - fluorocarbon coating, rich colors, smooth surface, acid and alkali, mildew, the rain, such as the new 8, toughness, high strength - than similar products with better toughness and strength 9, to facilitate the construction - products can be directly nails, drilling, sawing, planing, easy to deal with the facade and circular windows and other special roof shape