The energy consumption performance of hydraulic press

In the hydraulic machine, his energy loss is different, if we want to reduce the amount of loss, then we should pay more attention to the ability of the hydraulic press. Today, the hydraulic press machine manufacturers  is mainly to come and the loss of the hydraulic press. Don't miss this chance if you want to use the hydraulic machine better.

In the liquid system, if his power is a loss that he will have a loss of energy, which will make him the total efficiency of the decline. The power of the hydraulic system, if there is a loss, that part of his energy will be converted into heat, which makes the temperature of the hydraulic oil can be reduced so that the oil becomes better. Hydraulic oil, he will flow through the various hydraulic valves, of course, we can not avoid it there will be pressure and flow loss, energy loss in the proportion of energy is still relatively large.

We want to reasonable selection of hydraulic oil in the hydraulic machinery hydraulic machine, when the movement of hydraulic oil in the pipeline, he will have viscous and if the viscosity is too high that he would have an internal friction appeared, and let the oil liquid heating. At the same time the oil in the movement of the time there will be resistance. If the viscosity is relatively low, it is prone to leakage, the system volume variation, so that we in the choice of viscosity with good oil.