Hydraulic presses shall be subject to different maintenance measures at different operating stages

1. The initial failure of the hydraulic machine pipe joints due to vibration and loose, poor quality seals or as a result of improper assembly caused by leakage, pipeline or hydraulic components in the oil path glitches, sand, chips and other dirt in the oil flow under the impact of loss, Damping hole and oil filter, resulting in pressure and speed instability, due to load or the external environment of poor heat dissipation, the oil temperature caused by leakage, resulting in pressure and speed changes 2. Hydraulic press mid to late operation of the hydraulic machine running to the medium-term failure The lowest operating rate, the system is in the best running state, but should pay special attention to prevent oil pollution, to the late, hydraulic components due to differences in frequency and load, wearing parts have started normal normal wear and tear. The higher the failure rate at this stage, the increased leakage and reduced efficiency.
3. Sudden failure Fault characteristics are sudden, to achieve without warning, such as the collision, pipeline rupture, foreign matter blocking the channel, seals and other damage, although such problems caused by accidental factors, but closely related to the quality of work, hydraulic The system in each stage of the operation may have a sudden failure.