How to change the oil hydraulic press

The hydraulic press machine manufacturers of the hydraulic machine, hydraulic oil need enough. When the hydraulic oil used for a long time the deterioration and in need of replacement, people wrongly believe that only the hydraulic mailbox in the shining oil, fill the new hydraulic oil can be. But this time the hydraulic oil and hydraulic control valve also has many old residual hydraulic oil, the use of equipment and oil mixed use will accelerate the new oil deterioration rate.

Oil hydraulic press the correct steps should be first releasing hydraulic mailbox in the hydraulic oil, clean the tank after adding new hydraulic oil, and then remove the loop header, after the engine is started by a downturn operation, so that the pump work, manipulated respectively agencies, by hydraulic oil the circuit of the old oil each discharge until oil return duct flow of new oil so far. Finally, the back oil duct and the oil tank are connected, into the oil tank of new hydraulic oil to the specified location can be.

This, of course, to change the oil hydraulic machine also has its defects, say with pilot of the loading machine, so the oil, first of all idle, pilot oil pressure have 35 kg, just start the machine, pilot oil (is new for the oil) with respect to return pipe, is to prepare three vats of hydraulic oil is not enough. In addition, return pipe is not only a root, be removed one by one, one by one so do a lot of trouble.