The working principle and characteristics of hydraulic system of hydraulic press

Hydraulic press is used for modulation, press, cold stamping and bending process of pressure processing machinery, it is the first application of hydraulic transmission machinery. Hydraulic machinery Hydraulic system for the main drive of the machine to the main pressure control, high system pressure, flow
Large, power, should pay special attention to how to improve system efficiency and prevent hydraulic shock.
The typical working cycle of the hydraulic press is shown in Figure 8-2. General the main cylinder of the working cycle requires a fast forward - slow down close to the workpiece and pressure - pressure delay - pressure relief - fast return and keep the piston stay in the trip anywhere such as the basic action, when the load cylinder
, For the top material, the top of the cylinder action cycle is generally the piston up - stop - down to return, sheet tension is required to rise the oil cylinder - stop - pressure return and other actions; sometimes also need to press the cylinder Pressed.