Main performance requirements of hydraulic pressure regulating valve

1, the minimum pressure difference between the inlet and outlet is the throttle fully open, through the nominal flow, the valve out of the oil chamber pressure, generally about 1mpa. The pressure is too low, the valve can not be part of the throttle effective pressure compensation, thus affecting the flow stability.
2, the flow adjustment range, under normal circumstances the greater the better hydraulic flow adjustment range, and the adjustment, the flow of uniform changes, good regulation.
3, the minimum stable flow is the minimum speed of the valve can work, that is, the flow rate of change is not greater than 10%, does not appear to stop the phenomenon. QF-type speed control valve and QDF-type one-way throttle valve minimum steady flow, usually about 10% of the nominal flow.
4, the leakage is in the throttle valve is fully closed, the inlet pressure to adjust to the nominal pressure, from the valve core and the valve with the gap from the oil into the oil chamber to the oil flow, requiring a small amount of leakage The In addition, the hydraulic press work requires speed regulating valve is not easy to plug. The flow through the valve is less affected by the temperature.