Stainless steel cylinder punching machine punching machine features

Unique punching die structure design, operating workers string pipe punching tube easier to take wishful. Cylinder punching machine features:
TFT Display screen, touch screen setting, NUMERICAL CONTROL control system, servo motor positioning dimension precision, attached storage and memory modules.
Structure: Strong composite chassis combination, thick durable components. Operating functions: a Jog / automatic function. Single line can be individually actuated or simultaneous operation.
Project Action category: a single punch. Second, do not equidistant holes. Three equidistant holes. Fourth, the rotation punching.
Hydraulic System:
1, work pressure stepless adjustment, zero-load hydraulic circuit design, with the lower number of frequency pump motor design, effectively reduce the noise sound, thus increasing the performance and life of the motor.
2, the fuel tank fell actuation, using fast turn slow the differential hydraulic circuit design, high-speed fall, low-speed processing, high-speed recovery in the property to enhance stability when punching the workpiece shape, in addition to better promote actuation speed effectively reduce the load in order to facilitate power saving horsepower.
3, electronic control system with manned machine interface, cylinder stroke 150mm (stroke can be set) throat depth 600mm distance adjustment using the position-foot design, spacing, slow position, the lower limit position so that it is accurate and straightforward operation.
4, servo motor actuator to close the feed rate can be set quickly adjust, high accuracy to increase yield.
5, clamp the material enough force hostage by a servo motor to push the material, do not fall off work positioning, high stability.
Use: square tube, rectangular tube, pipe punching, punching profiles.
Feeding servo positioning rack length: 7000mm
Body: Length: 8200mm Width: 1500mm height: 2300mm Total weight: 5T