Control stability analysis of frame hydraulic pressure sensor

Frame type hydraulic machine mainly used on the workpiece for machining pressure, to produce a certain plastic deformation, achieve processor requirements. In the process of finishing a workpiece, it is necessary to experience several stages to complete a work process. The working stage is completely determined by the characteristics of the hydraulic press and the motion of the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder. Pressure processing is characterized by fixed, not only to the work of a certain amount of pressure, so that it will reach a certain amount of deformation after the workpiece removed. In addition in the design of hydraulic control system but also take into account the working table and the gravity of the piston rod.

On the one hand, the control system is required to achieve the desired control objectives, on the other hand, it also requires a certain control index. Stability is the prerequisite to guarantee the normal work of the system, if the system is not stable, vibration, then system can not work normally, thus affecting the machining stability, rapidity and accuracy requirements. The stability of the machine work is to control the stroke and speed of the piston rod, so that it is adapted to the characteristics of pressure processing. In front of the program design, has been designed to work on the hydraulic cylinder and the installation of the program, where the main determine how to use the hydraulic system to control the hydraulic cylinder piston rod with a working table moving. Control the moving speed, mobile location, in which a position to stop, which a mobile location, but also to control the work table to the size of the work force, pressure on the size of a set is won't change. And here mainly of speed and position control. So the position sensor of the frame hydraulic press plays an important role in controlling the stability of the pressure.

And for the workpiece, the speed and can not determine the amount of deformation, the speed is only a decision of the working process of the time, so the speed control does not need to be particularly accurate, and here is more important is the position control. In the automatic control system, the decision is the main reason of the position control, the speed control or the pressure control is the choice of the sensor. The pressure sensor is the pressure control, and the speed control is the speed control. In this design, the control system of the position sensor, the control system of the frame hydraulic press is chosen as the control system of the position sensor.

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