Hydraulic tank temperature processing

Tank plays a "hot flywheel" effect, can prevent the absorption of heat in the short term, can be prevented in the cold environment of the hydraulic system is idle over the short-term cooling, but the principal contradiction tank or "rise." The temperature rise will cause severe multiple hydraulic system failure. The causes serious ^ ① tank temperature tank set up in the vicinity of high-temperature radiation, ambient temperature, Gao, and molten plastic injection molding machine. With a high-power heating means are provided such an environment.
② all kinds of pressure loss of the hydraulic system, such as overflow loss, throttling losses, loss along the pipeline and partial loss, will be converted into heat causing the oil temperature ^ ③ oil viscosity improper selection, or too over Gao low.
④ tank design radiating area is not enough and so on.
Resolve rise serious approach as follows
① try to avoid the heat, but the plastic machinery (for example, injection molding machines, extruders, etc.) due to the molten plastic, there must be a "source."
② properly designed hydraulic system, such as system should unload circuit, the use of pressure, flow and power matching circuits and accumulators efficient hydraulic system, to reduce the overflow losses, throttling losses and line losses, reduce heat temperature.
③ Select efficient components, precision machining and assembly effort mention Gao precision hydraulic components, reduce leakage losses, volume loss and mechanical loss caused by heat generation.
④ correct piping: reduce too small too long, too much bending branches along with the bus caused by improper loss and partial loss.
⑤ Select the correct oil viscosity.

⑥ tank design should be considered when there is sufficient heat dissipation area

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