If the temperature of hydraulic machine is too high what hidden

In fact, whether it is single column hydraulic press or hydraulic machine or hydraulic machine, I believe we should be familiar with. Recently, a friend asked me to say he in use four column hydraulic machine when the temperature is very high, will not have any adverse effects, we should how to prevent. In order to solve this problem, especially to consult the corresponding staff of hydraulic machinery.

If his four column hydraulic machine temperature is too high, will let mechanical deformation and in hydraulic components in his system of thermal expansion gap will also because smaller and choked to death, his action will fail, which transmission accuracy of hydraulic system is influential, but also make the corresponding position of the workpiece quality decline. He will make the viscosity of the oil also decreased, the leak will increase, of course, the volume efficiency of the whole pump has a very significant decline.

We should be in accordance with the hydraulic machinery hydraulic machine of different load requirements, check and adjust the. Even with the appropriate hydraulic oil, especially the viscosity of the oil, if in when you can finally with low viscosity, but also the movement to improve the conditions. This can be a very good friction reduction brought about by the loss can also be better to reduce the load and fever. Of course, we also need to improve the accuracy of hydraulic components and hydraulic system

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