Hydraulic machine maintenance methods and precautions

The correct use of hydraulic press, maintenance of hydraulic opportunities to make your hydraulic machine to extend the life, let hydraulic press machine manufacturers  come here to summarize the hydraulic machine maintenance and precautions.
First, the correct maintenance and maintenance
1, to work in the correct use of oil, we generally recommend 32 and 46 oil, or you can use better anti-wear hydraulic oil, the use of oil temperature is generally 15 to 60 degrees Celsius within the range.
2, the use of oil should be the oil filter and then into the tank for use. Otherwise there will be impurities into the tank.
3, hydraulic oil must be replaced regularly, the general replacement cycle for one year, deterioration of the oil will cause damage to the machine.
4, after using the machine to clean all parts of the machine to avoid rusting the machine.
Second, the use of hydraulic press precautions
1, in the course of work the normal oil temperature needs between 10 ℃ to 60 ℃, if the oil temperature is too high will affect the normal work of the machine, you must keep the machine piston cleaning work.
2, if found in the work of the machine is not working properly should immediately stop working to check.
3, without the permission of professionals can not open the hydraulic press, so as not to cause harm to the staff.
4, in the process of running the machine must be strictly forbidden hands or head into the fuselage, the operation of the hydraulic machine must pay attention to their own personal safety.