Roof forming machine debugging method

Roof forming machine out first commissioning must pay attention to safety, tile press must take when debugging problems of the mind to think, to avoid missing work to the customer unnecessary trouble, tile press bench mounted bracket feed the ball to the plate material in the slide above being scratched nip cylinder for pressing the sheet to prevent the sheet to move when cutting guardrail Enron assembly, in order to prevent injury shears work safely dominate procedures; the machine is suitable for cutting a material thickness of various types of machine rated steel, copper, aluminum and non-metallic sheet material, and must be no hard mark, welding slag, slag, weld material can not exceed the license correct debugging method thickness / roof molding machines each and each of the color steel tile press: the steel tile equipment first row and last row to find a good center, then tighten the lock nut on both sides, is in the middle of the wheel front center, rear lay a straight line, the upper and the lower shaft of the gap adjusted, you can adjust the machine along a straight line.

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