Cause the hydraulic pressure generated disorders

Causes no flow pump output or output flow steering pump not enough, there is no pressure oil output, the system pressure does not go up a little. Motor speed is too low due to insufficient power, or prolonged use of internal pump wear and tear, within a large leak, the volume low efficiency, resulting in pump output flow is not enough, the system is not enough pressure, pump out the oil port installed backwards, while the pump is not reversible pump is not only oil, but also washed out the seal for other reasons: pump suction pipe is too small , the suction tube is sealed bad leak, dry the oil is too high, the oil filter is clogged dirt impurities, resulting in pumping large resistance generating cavitation phenomena, the pump output flow is not enough, the system pressure do not increase.

Relief valve pressure regulator valve failure

Such as relief valve stuck in the open position big, pump output pressure of the oil flow through the valve with indiscriminate tank that the oil pressure and oil back short, it could be wide pressure control orifice blockage, or regulator spring break and other reasons caused by the system without pressure, and vice versa when the relief valve stuck in the closed position of the valve port, the system pressure get down, get down or pressure do not increase the pressure found in the course of their work, it is likely to change valve failure, cause the system to unloading or closed, or because of serious internal leakage between the spool and the valve hole caused. unloading valve stuck in the unloading position, the total unloading system, pressure go up.