How mechanical punching machine is a clear hole?

Mechanical punching machines often require maintenance to ensure its longevity: Check the mechanical manipulation before punching machine punch die if the appropriate support, otherwise it will damage the punching machine host. On assembly, the lower mold when necessary, the model number is consistent under the upper mold fixed sleeve must be tightened. Pay attention to the lower mold when mounted blade upwards (small aperture a), but damage to the machine must not be installed. In the manipulation of the process, the system has been working under pressure, can not remove the quick connector. Screw, nut should always grease lubrication.

The member from the bed, the master cylinder, slide the back cover, slide rails, safety devices for mold, auxiliary care materials, X-axis positioning device, nesting boxes and waste trolley and so on. As a bed open structure made of welded steel. Should pay attention generated when purging hole material costs, so as not to damage the die hole filled with equipment. Before punching die pressing need to spin longer work.

Manipulation of the process, such as abnormal failure, should immediately rest punching, troubleshooting, in order to avoid damage to the machine parts.