How punching machine supporting mold saved?

How punching machine supporting mold saved? Any one perfect mechanical artifacts are made from a good bench press processed in a suitable mold, then the punching machine, that matches your mold after use, how to save it press in the country as a whole is relatively well-known, its abrasive matching common good, then when the workpiece using a press mold production, but also for the press to carry out mold corresponding to nursing, so press die in the subsequent use of the process can better play its performance. Therefore, the daily process, we should pay attention to the following points 1, remove the tip of the punch die dissolved apply if the tip of the weld bosses very serious, please oiled grindstone (# 220) about the removal of dissolved apply. (Please pay great attention to the removal of heat-sealing, the cutting edge portions pincher.) 2, the press-sliding lubricating portion should be noted that, for pleated movable portion punch and guide the inner diameter portion and the like, to regularly clean coated lubricant. (Internal guide sleeve sticky when punching iron powder, it may result in quenching.) 3, press the dial inside cleaning even usually very focused press die maintenance, loading the mold itself into the turntable when punching burr, foreign body waste, which can cause mold core and partial dislocation phenomena. Therefore, when installing the mold be sure to clean the interior of the turntable. Without turntable installation nonporous lower mold, can prevent the entry of foreign bodies. 4, regular lubrication of the press, to press regularly lubricated, but must be strictly carried out in the designated refueling equipment according to local instructions.