Automatic nail machin lubrication link is very important

Automatic nail machin lubrication aspect is also very important, Automatic nail machin lubrication if not in place, when the nail will be very easy to cut or bent nails or nails not straight.

Automatic nail machin lubrication mainly mineral lubricating oil as a lubricating material in addition to reducing friction and wear, the friction contact surface yet ruled out a lot of heat, which is generally used in the following cases: If the liquid friction surface friction; nail function is tightly sealed gear and bearings; friction surface other lubrication should be subject to wash clean; Henan Teruhiro new mechanical automatic nail making machine, mainly manual centralized lubrication system, including manual pumps: Nail tip mounted manual pump , manual pump is connected through a pump tubing connector terminal to the main pipeline, the main pipeline through the three-way divided into several main root tubing, tubing joints are connected to the main oil separator, oil separator side mounted hose connector through a number of points, each sub tubing joints are connected to the choke points through the tubing. Nail utility model through tubing connected with the oil pump by hand, a number of sub-parallel connection pipe nozzle, nozzle structure and parts are connected, the prior art hydraulic injection for yellow grease lubrication form, compared with timely lubrication convenient, high drive, low labor intensity, long long life of each friction member, maintenance cycle, good overall performance and other advantages; compared with the prior art motor continuously lubricated form, with easy installation, low cost does not cause pollution and waste and so on.

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