Hydraulic machine of the approach of the hydraulic pump can not be boosted

First, to clean the safety valve, check valve wear, wear should be replaced immediately if it is found. If the valve is installed if there is still no change, then we will re-check the control valve spool wear, we recommend the use of its space limit is generally 0.06mm, once found severe wear and tear should be replaced.

Second, we must check whether the boom cylinder internal leakage occurs situation, we can raise the boom to see if there is a significant free fall. If the whereabouts of the apparent phenomenon, we need to be removed to check the fuel tank, as worn seals should be replaced.

Third, we can also measure the pressure of the hydraulic pump to determine. If the pressure is low, then make adjustments, but if you add the pressure is still not tune up, which indicates that the manual pump has been severely worn.