Noise control of hydraulic components

Hydraulic pump and prime mover) is the main sound all the components of hydraulic systems and equipment components, its itself is a source of noise, said a infrasound source; and other components, such as the fuel tank and pipeline itself sound is very small, not independent of the noise source, but pump and an overflow valve mechanical and fluid noise will stimulate them vibrate, resulting in and strong noise radiation, noise source of this kind known as infrasonic source. The noise of hydraulic device is a superposition of infrasound source and two infrasound source noise. Therefore, the vibration and noise control of hydraulic equipment should be considered from two aspects: the noise control of components and the noise control of the device. Hydraulic press machine manufacturers practice shows that even if the selection of low noise hydraulic pump, relief valve and other components, if the hydraulic device is designed properly, it will also produce serious noise. Therefore, if the entire hydraulic device to take appropriate measures to prevent vibration and noise reduction, the noise control is more favorable. In the case of hydraulic components, the system noise depends on the design of the system, the matching of components and the use of the system is reasonable and reasonable.