Relevant points of hydraulic machine maintenance

1, the overall external inspection. To external device overall cleaning; look at the various parts of the coupling there is no loose; there is no housing deformation or rupture; safety equipment is in good condition and so on.
2. Check the clutch device. Check here the main clutch tooth waveform there is no wear and tear, if the amount of wear reaches one-third of the whole, it is necessary to replace a new one.
3, test run the machine. In the case of the machine is running down to check for leakage phenomenon, there is no other abnormal vibration or noise.
4, check forging parts. Here you can pressure test, which is to strengthen the pressure on the piston, on the one hand to ensure that strong pressure will not leak, the other extreme pressure after the withdrawal of the gauge will be zero, otherwise it is a problem.
5. Check the hydraulic input device. Check the conveyor chain for wear, in addition to checking the adequacy of its tension, if the problem to be replaced or repaired.