In the course of how to care for the hydraulic machine

Hydraulic machine is a kind of liquid as the working medium, to process metals, plastics, powder products, such as the use of mechanical static pressure of the liquid, which is commonly used in the mechanical pressing and pressing process. The correct use of the hydraulic machine can improve work efficiency and service life of the hydraulic machine.

In the production schedule, how to maintain the hydraulic machine?

Before using maintenance methods: 1, check the oil tank, oil level, oil standard meets the required standards. 2, check whether the button used correctly, there is unhindered card. 3, check the electrical grounding wire is connected, loose or damaged. 4, check the safety measures are complete and reliable. Maintenance of the hydraulic machine to start working: 1. Check the oil pump is intact, part of the sealing is good. 2, you should always check the operation of parts of the temperature and sound is intact. 3, regular cleaning pump and filter.

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