Determination of Movement Speed of Upper Slider and Extruding Piston in Four-Column Hydraulic Press

The following factors should be considered when deciding the speed of the upper slider and the upper plunger of a four-column hydraulic press:

1, process requirements. In cold extrusion, the speed does not affect the extrusion process. Practice shows that when the extrusion speed of the four-column hydraulic press is increased, the extrusion force can be reduced slightly due to the temperature effect of the extrusion process. However, if the extrusion speed is too high, the lubrication conditions will deteriorate, the wear of the mold will increase, and the deformation resistance will increase.
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2, the productivity requirements. General four-column hydraulic press motions are the rapid downward movement of the upper block, decelerate the extrusion, hold the pressure briefly, depressurize and then return quickly, and then use the lower ejector or upper ejector mechanism to eject the parts. Design always strives to increase the idle speed as much as possible to shorten the auxiliary operation time.
3. The greater the cost of equipment, idle speed and extrusion speed, the hydraulic system of the entire four-column hydraulic press will inevitably become more complicated, and the requirements for the electronic control system will also be greatly improved. This will increase the cost.