How to replace the hydraulic seal

Hydraulic equipment is used to seal the seal member and the lubricating oil between the output member, a mechanical element to prevent leakage, a rubber completely coated with self-tightening spring seal lips, is an easily damaged parts need regular replacement, then how to replace the equipment hydraulic seal it?
Hydraulic replace the plunger seal steps:

1, press the start button, the working platform rise; with four high sticks and other objects, the work platform firmly shore; 2, the plunger and the platform at the bottom of the bolt removed; 3, with a smooth flat screwdriver, pry out the oil seal, as is the new oil seal into the seal groove (note oil seal lip down); 4, hand pull the operating lever, the plunger and platforms separated and fall to the bottom of the plunger seal; 5, with the plunger to move the way point raised lip seal edges with a smooth flat screwdriver inner lip seal to restrain the plunger around. Note that the inner seal lip is not damaged; 6, in determining the oil seal lip area to restrain the plunger all intact after four weeks, and then press the start button will ram up; 7, the connecting bolts with a good platform for the plunger, remove support four stick.

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