Analysis of Hydraulic Fluid Temperature Control Technology

1, the oil temperature is too high on the hydraulic system

Hydraulic oil manufacturers too high oil temperature will lead to hydraulic system leaks, affecting the hydraulic system work; lead to instability, affecting performance; serious will lead to pump, valve and motor failure, in addition, the oil temperature will accelerate the increase in oil Liquid vaporization, evaporation of water, easy to cause cavitation hydraulic components; oil temperature, will make oil oxidation intensified, reducing service life, the hydraulic fluid is easy to form a flocculent material, and the formation of overheated components of the surface sediment, easy Plug a variety of control holes, so that it can not work properly.
Therefore, the hydraulic oil temperature is too high will seriously affect the normal use of the machine, shorten the life of hydraulic components, and increase the maintenance costs of the machine.
2, the oil temperature is too high due to the summary can be summarized as the following reasons:
1) Improper design: In the design of speed control loop, the hydraulic press manufacturers should try their best to reduce the throttling speed and increase the volume speed, and use the pressure-limiting variable pump as the hydraulic power component to reduce the high-pressure overflow and only use the small flow To supplement the pump leakage, maintaining system pressure, which can effectively control the oil temperature. For a large number of hydraulic cylinder pressure flow during work require large differences, the use of ordinary quantitative pump plus relief valve hydraulic system is difficult for each hydraulic cylinder pressure and flow are well matched, leading to excess oil system , Causing the system fever. The use of variable displacement pumps, high and low pressure combination with unloading relief valve or differential connection, but can better solve this problem.
2) improper use;
Hydraulic press manufacturers in the actual operation and maintenance process, to comply with the rules of the hydraulic oil level. Selection of oil should be recommended by the manufacturer or according to the machine where the work environment, temperature and other factors to determine. For some special requirements of the machine, should use special hydraulic oil; hydraulic components and system maintenance inconvenience, should use good performance anti-wear hydraulic oil.
3) hydraulic components of the problem: select the appropriate hydraulic components to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic system premise.
In summary, the hydraulic press manufacturers mentioned, hydraulic transmission and its control system can work well, the temperature of the oil plays a key role. Therefore, the hydraulic system must be properly designed, properly used and maintained, and the factors that cause abnormal oil temperature should be analyzed and controlled to ensure that the hydraulic system can operate normally and stably, and the service life of the system and components can be prolonged. Equipment safety, preventing accidents is of great significance.