How does the hydraulic press work?

Now many large-scale materials processing and production of metal materials are commonly used hydraulic press, because it is economical and convenient, then let hydraulic press machine manufacturers come for you to briefly summarize the working principle of hydraulic press.
First, the motor comes with the power generated by the hydraulic pump to work
This hydraulic press by the role of the pressure pump makes the hydraulic oil through the hydraulic pipe into the cylinder of the body, and then the interaction between the cylinder parts, making the oil cloth exposed, and finally by the one-way valve makes the oil inside the tank cycle movement. This is also a hydraulic press to work on a simple hydraulic system, through the dynamics, making the machine itself in the course of running to achieve their own operation and work.
Second, the energy conversion device
This type of hydraulic press is to make the liquid pressure pump and hydraulic motor through the energy conversion to work, these two different devices are running in the opposite direction, it will produce pressure, you can output speed, such devices are usually positive of. The hydraulic motor converts the pressure into machinery in the system actuator, which is the conversion of the pressure energy and mechanical energy that we often call in physics.
Third, the check valve and the relief valve interact
This type of hydraulic press is through a simple one-way valve makes the oil flow to the top of the cylinder or below, under the action of high temperature, so that the cylinder automatically. In this way, the liquid machine uses liquid to convey perseverance, the relief valve is to avoid the system pressure is too large to achieve timely unloading function.