Cause of serious abrasion of hydraulic pump of hydraulic press

1 the design of the hydraulic system is not reasonable

Control valve and the full hydraulic steering device for a single pump in series, the safety valve of the pressure regulator 16MPA, and the rated pressure of the hydraulic pump is 16MPA. Hydraulic pump often or long time load (pressure) under working at full load, and the system has hydraulic impact, long-term non oil, hydraulic oil pollution, increased pump wear, so that the hydraulic pump pump shell burst (after he was found such failure).

2 the selection of hydraulic components is not reasonable

Boom cylinder specifications for the 70 / 40 non-standard series, seals are non standard parts, high manufacturing costs and the replacement of the replacement of the seal. Boom cylinder bore small, is bound to make the adjustment for high pressure system.

3 serious wear of hydraulic pump

At low speed operation, the pump leakage is serious; high speed operation, the pump pressure slightly increased, but because of the pump wear and leakage, the volume efficiency is significantly decreased, it is difficult to achieve the rated pressure. Hydraulic pump working long hours and aggravate the wear, oil temperature rise, resulting in hydraulic components wear and sealing parts of aging, damage, loss of ability of the seal, hydraulic oil deterioration, resulting in failure.

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