Hydraulic cleaning method

First, the solvent can be used for cleaning. Generally, vinyl chloride commonly used solvents, paint thinners, toluene, gasoline, and carbon tetrachloride. Since these solvents have a certain toxicity and easy to fire, so after cleaning solvent should be removed as soon as possible.
Second, the use of manual cleaning and physical cleaning methods
1, with a cleaning brush: should adopt a soft brush to remove dirt filter Yang, excellent wire brush will network type, line gap-type filter is damaged, so that the sintered particles sintered filter brush off, and this law does not apply to paper quality oil filter.
2, ultrasonic cleaning: ultrasonic cleaning fluid, remove the dirt on your core, but the filter is a porous material, the nature of absorption of ultrasonic waves may affect the cleaning effect.
3, the heating evaporation method: some fouling on the filter can be removed with a speed up method. It should be noted at the time of heating can not have a charcoal filter and internal residual solid attachment.
4, hydraulic compressed air: The compressed air filter dirt laminated negative people out of fouling, the use of pulsating air flow better.
5, the hydraulic pressure cleaning machine: The method and the same, the second alternate method to do better fruit.