Working conditions hydraulic cylinder piston

Hydraulic pistons work under high temperature, high pressure, high speed, poor lubrication conditions. Piston high-temperature gas directly in contact, the instantaneous temperature up to 2500K or more, so, serious heat, and cooling conditions is very poor, so the piston working temperature is high, up to the top of 600 ~ 700K, and the temperature distribution is very uneven; piston top bear gas pressure, especially pressure maximum power stroke, gasoline up to 3 ~ 5MPa, diesel up to 6 ~ 9MPa, which makes an impact piston, and bear the side effects of stress; piston within the cylinder at high speeds (8 ~ 12m / s) reciprocating motion, and the speed is constantly changing, which creates a great deal of inertia force of the piston is greatly additional load. Hydraulic cylinder of the piston in such harsh conditions of work, will produce distortion and accelerated wear, but also generate additional load and thermal stress, while subjected to a chemical etching effect of the gas.
Hydraulic cylinder piston main test is to measure the diameter of the skirt portion, the height of the piston ring grooves and piston pin seat hole size.
① Optional piston cylinder repair size should be determined. Values generally increase the size marked on the piston crown.

② In the same series sent a pair of fish, the structure of its piston are not necessarily the same, so in the purchase of the piston, the piston must be selected according to the type corresponding to the type of engine in the same engine, the same label should be used, or the same group the same product code of the piston; the same type must use the same product code of the piston, the piston diameter difference and ensure the quality of the original difference does not exceed the specified range. otherwise, it will cause poor combustion engine, rough work, hydraulic and dynamic economic decline. fault. Therefore, when the optional piston must be selected according to the type corresponding to the type of piston engine.

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