The role of hydraulic machine

Hydraulic machine is a kind of industrial production application is very widely used as a finishing machine, main purpose is grinding the God of cylindrical surface, conical surface and stepped shaft parts, the internal grinding attachment can also grinding inner circle and an inner cone hole and so on.

In order to complete the processing of the parts, grinding must with rotating wheel, rotating and workpiece worktable drives the workpiece straight reciprocating motion and the wheel frame cycle cut movement, this basically is four pillar hydraulic machine the working platform of the complete structure, the hydraulic pressure adjustable fixed value with actual mismatch is caused by what reason?

In the hydraulic system, hydraulic pump 1 for quantitative pump, sequence valve control hydraulic cylinder 6 in hydraulic cylinder 7 movement to end before you act; sequence valve control hydraulic cylinder 6 in hydraulic cylinder 7 to return to the initial position again began to return movement in motion system found hydraulic cylinder 6 velocity than a predetermined speed caused by the slow movement of hydraulic cylinder speed than a predetermined speed slow generally have the following reasons.

Deficiencies of the hydraulic flow pump hydraulic system oil pressure is supplied by the hydraulic pump, the general choice of suitable pump will not appear oil supply shortage phenomenon D due to oil pollution, oil filter blockage causes insufficient oil suction pump, so flow pump must occur insufficient hydraulic pump due to use longer, or because of the oil liquid pollution caused by parts inside the pump serious wear, serious leakage, sharp drop in volumetric efficiency is caused by pumping oil. Valve internal leakage serious reversing valve seal on the spool and the valve hole clearance ensure due to various reasons caused by clearance of valve core and valve hole increases, and from the pump to the oil pressure into the reversing valve, will from the internal annular gap by the high pressure cavity flow into the low pressure chamber, made after the valve of the oil flow rate is too big to reduce, so that traffic flow hydraulic cylinder reduce.

Hydraulic cylinder internal leakage serious when the movement of hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic cylinder high pressure cavity pressure oil leak to the low pressure chamber. The reason for the leak is the piston and cylinder wear gap is too large, or the piston seal damage. Velocity of the hydraulic cylinder is the input flow of hydraulic cylinder and piston effective area ratio.

The actual flow due to the leakage of the piston movement is reduced, thus reducing hydraulic cylinder speed D should replace the piston, in order to ensure the reasonable clearance between the piston and cylinder. If the piston seal ring damage should be replaced with new parts. To check the cause of system failure, does not belong to the above analysis. Check the return line of four M when the hydraulic cylinder 6 movement, there is a large amount of oil from the return pipe, the overflow valve began to overflow, that the relief valve and the pressure of the sequence valve does not match the pressure. When the pressure relief valve to the valve pressure higher than the sequential 0.5 ~ 0.8 M P a, the immediate elimination of circuit fault.

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