What are the main precision requirements of the four-column hydraulic press?

The precision of the four-column hydraulic press is the accuracy of its own, which mainly includes the roughness of the mounting plane of the actuator, and the relative position accuracy of the actuator relative to the roughness and non-perpendicularity of the work surface (four-column hydraulic press reference plane).
The accuracy of the four-post hydraulic press is also the same as the accuracy of any machine tool, which is determined by the accuracy requirements of the workpiece to be machined, the process of pressing the process and the accuracy of its actuator. Low accuracy will reduce the accuracy of parts, and even premature damage to the mold. Accuracy is too high and will increase manufacturing costs. So the four-column hydraulic press manufacturers to develop precision projects and requirements is very important.
Four-column hydraulic press main precision requirements:
1, parallelism of the table (1000mm length on the 0.05)
2, the parallelism of the lower plane of the movable beam
3, the activities of the beam parallel to the work surface (0.20)
4, the activities of the beam travel on the work surface of the vertical (0.30)