Hydraulic oil change Tips Tips

Many hydraulic components hydraulic machine, the need for adequate hydraulic oil. When the hydraulic oil deterioration due to prolonged use and need to be replaced,hydraulic press machine manufacturers mistakenly believe that, just inside the mailbox hydraulic oil shine, fill new hydraulic oil can. But this time the hydraulic hoses and hydraulic control valve also remains many of the old hydraulic oil, when oil mix old and new equipment will accelerate the speed of deterioration of new oil.

Hydraulic oil change right first step should let go of the hydraulic mailbox hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil after adding new clean tank, then remove the mains circuit, sluggish operation after starting the engine, so that the pump work, the agencies were manipulated, by hydraulic oil the circuit used oil discharged one by one, until the oil return duct until the new oil outflow, and finally, the oil return duct connected to the tank, the tank to add new hydraulic oil to the specified location.

Of course, this machine to the hydraulic oil change also has its flaws, loaders with pilot said it, so that oil change, when the first idle, the pilot will have 35 kg oil, just the engine, a pilot oil (that is new for the oil) went to the return line, it is ready to 3 barrels of hydraulic oil is not necessarily enough. In addition, the return line is not the only one, to be demolished one by one, one by one, so do a lot of trouble.