Fault Handling Method of Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic press in the course of the use of a variety of emergencies, such as the situation in the work of the situation, the need for hydraulic press to check to find the cause of the error, the general experience of the staff are able to quickly Find out the cause of the fault, of course, this requires maintenance personnel to have a deep understanding of the hydraulic system, familiar with the structure of hydraulic components and working principle. Of course, this is a long time, maintenance personnel usually can ask, see more, listen and other methods to better understand the equipment, so as to be able to find the problem in time to deal with failure. So the use of the process must pay attention to maintenance, so as to ensure that the various parts of the hydraulic press to normal operation. Or long-term maintenance does not cause irreversible damage, not only affect the production, but also reduce the service life of hydraulic press.
1. An emergency fault handling method occurs
If you can not immediately replace the parts after the replacement of the problem, you can use the alternative method, with some other parts related to temporary use, after the end of the day in the original replacement. In addition to the emergency repair method, it is best to pay attention to the use of methods and maintenance, so as to avoid this situation as much as possible.
In the winter and worse conditions, the hydraulic system to check the ground, maintenance. Often change the working fluid. In the hydraulic drive system, are some of the more sophisticated parts. The hydraulic system has three basic pathogenic factors: contamination, overheating and entry into the air. Practice has proved that the hydraulic system 75% of the causes of the disease are caused by these three reasons. So be sure to do the equipment maintenance work, so that hydraulic press can work faster and better.
2. Use the maintenance method in the process
First, every month to check the worm, worm, bearings, pressure roller, upper and lower rails and other activities are flexible part of the rotation, whether wear, if damaged should be replaced in time repair.
Two, three months to clean the hydraulic valve and fuel tank, check or replace the seal, filter. Filter the hydraulic oil every 3 months, or replace the new hydraulic oil. Such as the use of frequency is not high, may be appropriate to extend.
Third, the powder hydraulic machine should be removed after the remaining powder. Brush the residual powder of each part of the machine.
Fourth, do not use the mold should be applied to the surface of the mold oil or all immersed in oil, keep clean, do not make rust and bumps.
Fifth, the electrical cabinet to regular inspection, cooling fan should be regularly used to remove dust from the compressed air. Electrical components should pay attention to working conditions (temperature, humidity), in a good environment, will extend the service life of parts. Electrical components of the maintenance, should be implemented by a professional electrician, in particular, should be more carefully engaged in the inverter, under normal circumstances should be sent to professional manufacturers maintenance.
6, the hydraulic components of the hydraulic insulation equipment to do before the inverter must be the main circuit control circuit wiring all removed, so as not to damage the inverter insulation test. For the inverter insulation test method alone see the inverter operating manual.
Regular cleaning and maintenance of hydraulic press can not only extend the life of the machine, but also can improve work efficiency. Sharpening the firewood is not the truth. So there must be a special staff on the hydraulic press for maintenance and regular inspection.