The main function of the hydraulic motor balancing device

Motorized hydraulic balancing device main function is to balance slider, the inertial force module connecting rod, crankshaft and other moving parts in the high-speed movement generated by the process, there is not complete and fully balancing balancing two structural forms. Balancing balanced incomplete block type, deputy balance slider institutions; completely balancing structure includes a plurality of rod counterweight balancing mechanism, multi-link balancing institutions.

(1) balance weight balance weight is a simple formula incomplete balancing means fixed to the crankshaft counterweight eccentric screw in the opposite direction. This structure can only balancing the unbalanced mass balance inertia force generated by the eccentric shaft, and can not balance slider, and link the upper mold and other moving parts resulting inertia force.

(2) Deputy Vice slider slider balancing mechanism balancing mechanism is not exactly an ideal balancing mechanism balance principle is to add a slider on the main vice balance slider symmetrical direction to offset the main slider inertia force generated while accompanied by balance weight on the crankshaft to achieve a better balance effect. In this balancing device, although the balance slider is much smaller than the main slider, but because of the stroke length than the main slider stroke length to be large, so the acceleration is large, it can well play a balancing role. This balancing device is relatively simple applications than more.

(3) multi-shaft multi-lever mechanism counterweight balancing counterweight balancing mechanism may produce the opposite of the movement and the slider, which can balance the horizontal and vertical inertia force Fen block and crank rod generated by the system. But mold quality changes, the corresponding need for the mass of the counterweight can be adjusted to achieve complete balancing purposes.

(4) Multi-link Multi-link balancing mechanism balancing mechanism is a multi-link fully hydraulic balancing device transmission speed used on one. The slider down reciprocating motion, such as when the slider moves downward, the eccentric shaft forces generated by the connecting rod and the lever is passed to the link, and then, this force is transmitted to the slider. Since these movements are non-uniform motion, it will produce acceleration, so there will be an upward force of inertia in the system. While balancing the weight and balance through the rod guide rod upward movement, also produce an inertial force to counteract and balance the inertial forces generated by the slider.

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