Cause of stuck in plunger pump of single - arm hydraulic press

The root cause of this problem is the existence of non-normal machine deformation of the cylinder bore, especially when the hydraulic pump together, as long as the center ball fall, the pump will start the cylinder end face card rolling. There is also a possibility that the central spring of a 100-ton hydraulic press breaks and the cylinder-bearing roller bearing retainer is damaged, a similar effect can occur.

100 tons of single-arm hydraulic piston plunger pump after the inspection and treatment: a similar problem will need to 100 tons of hydraulic cylinder hydraulic cylinder and other important parts removed for inspection, if the damage is serious need to replace the new. If the deformation of the cylinder is not so serious, it can be maintained by the lamination film in the shape, position within the allowable error, and then change the cylinder diameter corresponding to the appropriate plunger, to return to normal.

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