Hydraulic advantages and applications

1, based on the principle of the hydraulic drive, the actuator simple (cylinder and piston or piston) structure, the structure is easy to realize a lot of work pressure, large workspace and long working stroke, so adaptable, easy to suppress large workpieces or longer, higher workpiece.

2, due to the simple structure of the actuator, a flexible arrangement of features, it is possible to carry out the process according to the requirements of multi-faceted arrangement (vertical, horizontal, inclined at a predetermined angle you like) as well as multi-site distributed arrangement.

3, at any position of travel can produce the maximum rated pressure of the hydraulic machine. It can keep the pressure below the transition point for a long time, which for many processes, this is very much needed.

4, total travel activity Promise beams can be arbitrarily changed, the next transition point stroke can also be easily controlled or changed depending on process requirements in a certain range.

5, the moving beam (slider) can speed within a certain range, to a large extent be adjusted so that the process can be adapted to the different requirements of the speed slider. When the direct drive pump, pressure regulator and a crosshead speed of formation and irrelevant.

6, the valve can be used in different combinations to achieve different procedural process, and easily adapt to changes in the program, easy to implement process control and computer control.

7, you can use a simple method (various valves) or surge limit in a work cycle pressure, good safety performance, easy to overload, help protect the mold.
8, smooth, impact, less vibration and noise, to workers' health, plant-based, the surrounding environment and the equipment itself has a great advantage.

9, the working stroke is slow, work cycles per minute is not easy to improve. It would have been the weakness of the hydraulic press, but in recent years, with the rapid performance of high-power high-speed, high-pressure hydraulic pump appears, a hydraulic machine has been greatly improved.

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