Sealing performance of hydraulic valve for four - column hydraulic press

1, the reasons one, four-column hydraulic press hydraulic valve with a relatively poor environment. In the coal mining face, tubing total length of more than 1000 meters, connector jack up to more than 4000, the tank without special dust-proof facilities. There are a lot of floating impurities in the emulsion, in the column cylinder and the valve chamber, leaving more coal, rock and iron. Into the spool and valve seat, because the opening and closing more frequent, high liquid flow rate, the seal will soon fail. Reduce the impurity of the hydraulic press is difficult to non-standard, four-leg hydraulic press hydraulic valve in the work is still very easy to block the formation of drying.
2, the reasons for two: four-cylinder hydraulic press more and more requirements. Usually the service life of the hydraulic valve is calculated by the total flow of the emulsion of the test valve and the number of valve opening and closing. Need to use the new, anti-pollution ability, suitable for underground working conditions of the seal deputy.
Four-column hydraulic press hydraulic valve approach and method is to improve the system's excessive accuracy and improve the quality of the emulsion, but the effect is not significant. Four-column hydraulic press in the hydraulic valve long life is the key to sealing technology, sealing the material, sealing performance improvement and other factors.