Hydraulic pump installation

Improper installation can cause the hydraulic pump noise, vibration, affecting work performance and reduced life expectancy, so the installation should pay attention to the following points:

① hydraulic pump connected to the motor shaft and the output shaft with flexible coupling, the concentricity error of less than 0.1mm, two-axis inclination is not more than once.

② hydraulic pump and motor bearings or flange should have a common installed base. Base, flanges or bearings must be sufficiently rigid. Between the base and below the mounting flange and bracket mounted on rubber isolation pads to reduce noise.

③ hydraulic pump direction of rotation and into and out of the oil port reverse position can not be wrong.

④ For the pump, hydraulic pump is usually mounted on the center tank to tank level distance of less than 0.5mm; the pump is installed below or beside the tank, in order to facilitate maintenance, shut-off valve should be installed on the suction pipe.

⑤ Hydraulic confidential tightened into and out of the oil port connection screw fittings, sealing means to be reliable, so as not to cause air suction, oil spills, affect the pump performance.

⑥ hydraulic machine in gear pumps and vane pump suction line can be equipped with a coarse filter, but in general piston pump inlet filter is not installed.