How to clean and remove the hydraulic punching machine

When the hydraulic punching machine is removed, it can be cleaned with a cleaning fluid. Commonly used cleaning liquid with organic solvents, alkaline solution and chemical cleaning liquid, etc.. Cleaning methods are manual and mechanical cleaning. Fulanke automatic punching machine will introduce these kinds of cleaning fluid effects.

(1) organic solvent. Common kerosene, light diesel oil, gasoline, acetone, alcohol and trichloroethylene etc.. In addition to oil, the organic solvent is based on the dissolved contaminants, which has no damage to the metal, can dissolve all kinds of grease, and does not need heating, easy to use, good cleaning effect. However, most of the organic solvents are flammable, and the cost is high, which is mainly suitable for small scale units and decentralized maintenance work.

(2) alkaline solution. It is an aqueous solution of an alkali or alkaline salt. The use of alkaline solution and parts of the surface can be a chemical reaction of the oil from the formation of easily soluble in water soap and not easy to float on the surface of the parts of the glycerol, and then rinse with hot water, it is easy to remove oil. The oil saponification and saponification of the oil is not easy to get rid of the should be adding emulsifier in the cleaning solution, to emulsify oils and the surface of the part apart. The commonly used emulsifier soap and water glass (sodium silicate), gelatin and gum etc.. Cleaning different parts of the material should be used in different cleaning solution. Alkaline solution has different degrees of corrosion of metals, especially the corrosion of aluminum.

(3) chemical cleaning solution. This is a chemical synthesis of water-based metal refining lotion, dominated by surface active agent, due to the surfactants reduce the interfacial tension and wetting, penetration, emulsification, dispersion, such as a variety of roles, with a strong decontamination ability. It also has non-toxic, non corrosive, non burning, no explosion, no pollution, has a certain anti rust capability, low cost advantages, has been gradually replaced by other cleaning fluid.

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