How to choose the diameter of the aperture processing

Choose stainless steel punching machine mold needs to understand processing aperture diameter. Then to choose a different mold by different needs. Select the mold is a very important step in processing materials. If you choose to die is inappropriate, out of the material processing will not be able to meet customer needs. So then we have to talk to you dies choose what to say.
Depending on the diameter of the aperture selection process dies, hydraulic punching machines were equipped ф10.5, ф13.5, ф17.5, ф20.5 six specifications die, respectively, for M10, M12, M14, M16, M18, M20 bolts, set between the workpiece upper and lower mold, and rotating unloading clamping sleeve so that the workpiece, the control valve drive single punch a hole after finished, release the unloading valves, dies reset, under the workpiece to release the discharge taking.
1, prior to drilling machine, be sure to check if the punch and die under the knife at the debris. (If any must be cleaned before use) 2, the punch unit (ram moving parts) plus lubricants.
3, check the cylinder for leaks.
Therefore, the use of stainless steel punching machine processing materials still need to watch their step. Therefore, during the process when we must pay attention to all the job in many aspects.