The preparation work before the lifting of the roof panel and other components

In the prefab factory production house panel member to transport transported to the site, choice of means of transport to according to the size and weight of the component and the specific circumstances of the member number and distance, and the existing transportation. After technical and economic comparison to determine. General use of cars and flat trailer transport, the component directly transported to the site.

In transport process must ensure that members do not deformation, not dumping, damage; road transport should be smooth solid, to determine the speed according to the condition of the road surface, stable running, and the concrete strength of reinforced concrete members should be not less than 70% of design strength grade of; component loading and unloading lifting to smooth, transport process to fixation and avoid dumping; transport process in the component supporting pad in the correct position, loading and unloading hanging point should comply with the design requirements. Transport work should be reasonable organization, should be based on the lifting order, the first lifting of the first shipped, supporting the supply.

After the component approach, the structure should be prepared in accordance with the structure of the lifting scheme of the layout of the floor plan to avoid the two handling. General large components such as column, roof truss and so on should be according to the construction organization design component layout in place, in small-scale members stacked in a predetermined position, the general beam can be stacked in layers 2-3, roof panel 6 - 8 layer.