Roof Forming Machine Maintenance

Shall not exceed the minimum tile press shut height to work, that is on the slide surface to the bottom surface of the work of the upper and lower height requirements for minimum distance 290㎜ after mold clamping, plus, plus upper and lower plate thick crust thickness of the tiles, must not exceed 290㎜ , this requirement should manufacture of molds for the design, in order to avoid the machine accidents. Equipment should always be clean, clean, not allowed to have water dirt. Often observe, the height of the box and slide on both sides of the body lubricant.

Roof forming machine is mainly composed of left and right body, the bottom of the link, at the top of the chassis cover, consisting of a sliding seat, hexagonal wheel, pulleys, gears, sheave mechanism, cam mechanism, lubrication pumps, hydraulic system, electric control part . The aircraft die stamping process: After the motor pulley to drive the input shaft, the pinion gear, drive shaft, drive up and down movement of the slide base mounted on the mold through a cam mechanism to achieve press shoe. Indexing table is mounted on the shaft head gear, gear transmission deadbolt, toggle wheel mounted on a hexagonal shaft sheave to achieve indexing roof forming machine positioned at each end of the shaft equipped with a press-fitted on the same shaft and cam return cam conjugated by positioning lever and the puck achieve precise positioning in the working position of the lower mold. When in the left and right sides of the chassis, equipped with a lubrication pump, machine work through tubing conveyed to all moving parts of friction lubricants.

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