Hydraulic machine manufacturers products used in molding technology advantages

Domestic hydraulic machine manufacturers after decades of development, the production of hundreds of millions of products, provide great support for the development and construction of China's manufacturing industry. Why hydraulic machine manufacturers to develop a full swing, mainly wide range of applications of hydraulic machine manufacturers products. Molding machinery other technically irreplaceable role. For variable cross-section of the hollow structure, the traditional manufacturing process is to press forming two halves and then welded into a whole, and hydroforming can be a member integrally formed along the cross-section of a hollow structural member changes. Compared with the stamping and welding process, hydroforming technology and techniques has the following main advantages:

1 reduce the quality, material savings. For automotive engine bracket, radiator brackets and other typical components, hydroforming member alleviate 20% to 40% higher than stampings; the hollow stepped shaft parts, can be reduced by 40% to 50% by weight.

2 reducing the number of parts and molds, reduce tooling costs. Hydroformed parts usually requires only one set of tooling, stampings and most require multiple sets of molds. Hydroformed parts engine bracket was reduced from 6-1, radiator support part reduced from 17-10.

3 may reduce subsequent machining and assembly welding amount. In radiator support, for example, the cooling area increased by 43%, reduced from solder 174-20, process reduced from 13-6, 66% increase in productivity.

4 to improve the strength and stiffness, especially fatigue strength, such as hydroforming of radiator support, the stiffness in the vertical direction can be increased by 39%, in the horizontal direction can be increased by 50%.

5 reduce the production cost. According to the applied hydraulic forming part of the statistical analysis, hydroforming production costs than the parts stamping an average of 15% to 20%, reduce tooling costs by 20% to 30%.

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