Hydraulic machine solenoid valve which mainly has several major performance:

First, the reliability of the commutation

Hydraulic machine after the electromagnet, the main thing is to see in the electromagnetic force of the state of being under, the electromagnetic valve can cannot guarantee the commutation, if electromagnet disconnect the power supply, electromagnetic valve in the spring force can successfully reset, to effectively solve the problems of the reliability of the electromagnetic valve, it would need to in the manufacturing process of attention to product quality and hydraulic oil cleanliness, reasonable design of electromagnetic valve, electromagnetic valve of the valve hole and a valve core and the like components ensure machining precision, in order to improve the reliability of the electromagnetic valve reversing.

Two, pressure loss

Hydraulic valve pressure loss is due to the loss of flow and loss of two parts caused by the loss, but due to the opening of the solenoid valve is small, so the loss is relatively large.

Three, commutation and reset time

Under normal circumstances is the provisions of the hydraulic power of the electromagnet after power up, to the valve spool for the time of 7 to 5 seconds, and from the power down to the spool back to the original location of time is the time of the solenoid valve reset.

Four, the maximum flow capacity of solenoid directional valve

Hydraulic fluid power is increased with the flow rate increases, the thrust of the electromagnet itself is limited, so the maximum flow capacity of the solenoid valve is limited, with the spool of the machine is also different.

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